About Vy

Vy is a writer of Black short fiction, dabbling in genres from Realism to Afrosurrealism.
Having been born in Zimbabwe and raised in the United States, Vy has been able to
experience the surreal lifestyle of being Black in America and its effect on the Black
American psyche. Through majoring in English and African-American studies in
university, she learned the necessity of the Black voice, especially in literature, and the
need to expose and explore the possibilities of Blackness throughout all art. She intends
to use her writing to create a realm where Blackness is unavoidable and unmistakable by weaving together her own life experiences, the experiences of those around her, as
well as African and African-American mythos, culture, and art.

I welcome you to enjoy tales that bridge the gap between dreams and reality, as
they’re told by Vy.