Falcons & B. Lewis: Waterworld

Producers Falcons has done it again, and no, I don’t just mean collaborating with GoldLink. He’s embedded a rich, heavy texture into his ambient sound, to creating something that slurs and drops, just like the best parts of being drunk.

The voice of B. Lewis enters and blends into the song seamlessly, as if he were an organic instrument Falcons layered into the beat. There’s a gospel choir echo to his voice that just adds depth to his sound, even though there’s a slight fading whine to each of his lines. I don’t want to say it was perfect, but I could. By the time the drums come in, you’ve settled so comfortably into his voice, that the drums inject you with some adrenaline as the song seems to tempo up.

Jazz Cartier immediately enter and does his thing. His voice also fits perfectly onto the song, as he adds a tinge of vocalization to his rapping. He still comes with the bars, but the romance is just right. It makes you wqant to be the person hes rapping about.

GoldLink comes in like the sax we didn’t know we’d need on this song, subtly emphasizing the soft funk aspects of the song. Of course, GoldLink is comfortable rapping about the girl of his dreams, his ex, and however those women overlap. “I’m sure if she was a singer, she’d be singing about me” just stood out as a line to me. That’s real romance, to sing a song about the one who’s yours.

B.Lewis comes right back and ties this song up with a bow on top. Falcons is great on his own, but B. Lewis takes this sound to the next level. Their co-EP, DAYDRIFT, came out on the 26th, masterpiece all around.

This song is a groove and a vibe. Play it through your headphones to appreciate every sound. Play it in the car at night to experience the vibe.