Powers Pleasant: Please Forgive

When I first saw that Powers Pleasant had dropped a new song with Denzel Curry, IDK, Zombie Juice, and Zillakami, I told myself not to listen to it. There’s no need for me to be getting yelled at in the middle of the night by Denzel Curry and Zombie Juice, regardless of how crazy the production would be on this song.

Well . . . I wasn’t wrong.

I’ll start by saying, yes, the beat goes off. Powers Pleasant did his thing. You can feel the bass in your spine and, while the instruments come in a bit asymmetrically, the rhythm is there. The song definitely has the weirdness that is expected from the mixture of Beast Coast backpack rap and a Floridian.

Denzel Curry comes in with the first verse and slams it. His tone is a bit more subdued than on some of his other bangers, but still has the same chaotic energy. Any man who calls himself the new Tapatio knows exactly what he’s doing.

IDK has the next verse and the hook. To be completely honest, I’ve never heard IDK rap before this moment. And though his voice comes in a bit lower than Curry, it blends into the beat perfectly. Look, I don’t want to say it’s seductive, but as soon as he says “I hit the Flea Flicker”, my initial reaction was “whose bedroom voice is this?!” He sat into the rhythm so well I almost felt myself sink in with him. The tenor of his voice turned what was just an in-your-face banger into something surround-sound. He should’ve kept that going a bit longer.

Zillakami came in screaming . . . I wasn’t really expecting much else. Zombie Juice surprisingly wasn’t yelling. I forgot this man actually has bars when he’s putting effort towards rapping and not towards . . . being the loudest one on the track.

This is definitely a track you can play in the car as your head to the function. I hope your system is bass-boosted.