Tobi Lou: Orange

Tobi Lou, the one from Chicago with the afro puffs. Apparently he used to play baseball. Now he makes groovy tunes, and almost all his artwork is cartoon-style.

One thing to note about Tobi Lou’s music is that even when his topic isn’t necessarily happy, there’s still a feel-good element to the sound, which makes enjoyable. On this song especially, his voice is gentle, just like the synthesized piano he’s rapping over.

Orange is a reference to Channel Orange, and maybe also his favorite color, and maybe also his favorite cartoon channel (Nickelodeon immediately comes to mind but Tobi is also an Adventure Time fan, so who knows).

The song talks about his transition into a singer whose becoming famous, but not forgetting who he is or where he came from. He’s starting to become a fashionista, but there’s still a bit of sadness behind it all. “I wonder if society still thinks I’m a menace. Black and beautiful, hello world, I’m the business,” is a great way to sum up the song and give you a strong hint as to his persona.

There’s something so faint about this song, and about his artistry as a whole that makes his music seem so far away, regardless of how relatable it is. It’s simple and straightforward, but there are so many emotions layered into it. Don’t be deceived by how calm his voice is, there’s more to the music.

And honestly, check out his COLORS show.

Play this in your headphones. Hear every part of it.