Big Baby: Victoria Secret

Big Baby Scumbag, not to be confused with Big Baby Dram or “wah wah wah, b***h I’m Lil Baby”, has dropped a song with Father. Big Baby is part of the new wave of Florida rappers entering the hip-hop scene, but unlike his counterparts, he’s more of a person than a persona, which makes his music a lot more tolerable.

Calibaset produced this sound, which explains why it sounds like an uptempo, up-pitched mash up of a Famous Dex-type and Rich the Kid-type beat. That’s not saying you’d find this beat on Youtube with people rapping in the comments (though that’s not an insult), Calibaset does actually produce for Famous Dex. The best way for me to explain how this beat sounds, is to say it’s candy painted with a west Atlanta bassline, and a very recognizable organ chord. It’s a great beat to flex on, and since Big Baby and Father are talking about the Amazon beauties they have in their pocket, it works.

I won’t say this is a song for female empowerment; it’s definitely a “my chick badder than yours” song. It’s kind of funny though. Why does this man have a beeper in 2018? I mean, I know why, but . . . why? At least he knows the differences between a keeper and a deleter.

Father’s verse is super short on this song, which is fair, it’s not his song. It’s not his flex. But anyone who name drops Tracee Ellis Ross has my attention.

So, the song is a bop if you don’t pay too much attention to the lyrics. The beat goes. Play this in your car if you want to. Or just opt for Dale Earnhardt.