XXXtentacion & Lil Pump: Arms Around

I guess everyone loves music from a dead man, especially one they are’t even supposed to like. For the sake of just being a person who listens to music and not going into the fact that most of the people we listen to are terrible in general, and dear God why do people do the things they do when you want so badly to like them . . . Let’s just listen to this song that has Skrillex on the production.

Though this song is off of his first posthumous album, as often happens on songs where Xxxtentacion is listed among other artists, he comes in on the chorus, rather than any verses. He’s singing, rather than rapping this time, with a little bit of Spanish sprinkled in, just in time for the Latin American Music Awards. It’s nice, sweet, romantic.

Lil Pump comes in, his voice screwed up, but he does dip into his regular voice periodically in his verse. It’s not bad for a Lil Pump verse, but it’s short for my tastes-as are most of the verses on this song, and many Lil Pump or Xxxtentacion songs; I think they plan to exceed 10 bars. This song is structured a lot more like Latin dancehall than a regular rap song, though most of the contributing artists are rappers. Simply meaning the verses are shorter, you encounter the chorus more often, and everyone is vocalizing, in this case, with the help of somewhat heavy autotune. But these are artists who’ve played with their genre-typing throughout their careers, and experimentation is good in a culture that will consume and pigeon-hole an artist before they even know who they are.

Swae Lee definitely has a bit more romance to his verse, but Maluma really takes over the song. His verse is all Spanish, and he is able to bridge the gap between vocalizing and truly singing a lot better than the others, though I don’t want to sell them short.

This song will probably be played in the pop music clubs and maybe a couple discotecas.

I wonder what the Rio Santana version sounds like.