Kodie Shane: Don’t Worry Bout It

Kodie Shane has dropped Young Heatthrob! The cover art is amazing; honestly, her whole aesthetic is amazing. Her sound has matured and rounded out a lot, so she deserves some attention. She’s a heartthrob after all.

My first experience with Kodie Shane was ‘Drip On My Walk”. Her voice was impossibly high-pitched and annoying. Her flow was redundant. Her lyrics were somehow both basic and all over the place at the same time. Still, I couldn’t stop listening to the song. It was addictive, even though all the best parts of you would advise you not to like it. But that was 2 years ago, and it would be disappointing if in that time span she hadn’t grown as an artist. I’m glad to say she has.

These days, she does more sing-rapping than straight-out, rhythmic spitting, which definitely suits the beat choices she makes now. There’s a lot more space for R&B-esque harmonies and tone shifting, that adds variety to her sound, and fills out her voice in a lot of places. It also sounds a lot less forced for power, though you can still hear that old sound in her adlibs at times. Honestly, I lean more towards describing her music as R&B than I would rap, but it’s all hip-hop so she doesn’t lose anything for that. If you like Def Loaf’s style, you’d enjoy this album, though I would say her sound is a bit more enjoyable.

“Don’t Worry Bout It” is definitely a steal your girl song, all about the types of feelings you experience when you’re high and don’t want to be alone. It’s not a love song, just a song about wanting to have someone with you, which is a relatable feeling for a lot of people. This is definitely a song you should play in your headphones, because the instrumental shifts from the right to the left ear a good amount, and you’ll miss things when you play it out loud. The whole album has that vibe. Like that feeling when you’re drunk and in your feelings, and the room is starting to spin on you.

Considering the way her sound has gone, I’m not surprised by the fact that Trippie Red is on this album.